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<img alt="(Red Bull Arena photo)" src="http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs /soccer-insider/files/2012/10/Red-Bull-Arena-300x1 99.jpg"; width="300" height="199" /><p>(Red Bulls photo)</p>
<p>Greetings from Red Bull Arena. What a difference 10 months make.</p>
<p>Last fall D.C. United was here in Harrison celebrating a playoff victory with hundreds of travel-weary and chilly supporters. As this year s playoffs approach, the weather is not a concern. Either are the playoffs. United is buried deep in the standings and facing elimination from postseason contention with two months left in the campaign.</p>
<p>Since last year s rousing triumph at RBA, DCU has won three of 27 matches in MLS competition: 0-1-1 in the Eastern Conference finals, 3-17-5 this regular season. (Thank goodness for the U.S. Open Cup!)</p>
<p>United did visit Harrison in the spring, escaping with a point, thanks to Bill Hamid s unworldly performance, to level its record at 1-1-1. The club was still full of hope and promise. Seems like a million years ago.</p>
<p>On the road, United has secured three of 36 points on three draws and scored three goals: Dwayne De Rosario at Dallas, Luis Silva at Chicago, Conor Doyle at Montreal.</p>
<p>Andrew Dykstra, Conor Shanosky and Michael Seaton are in Richmond tonight with the third-division Kickers for a USL Pro semifinal against Charlotte. With a victory, they will host Orlando City in the final next Saturday night.</p>

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