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Christian Kliemsch

Signed on Thursday, 2014-11-20 at 12:01  

Hallo Zoli, please playing on 20/11/2014 in LA Cham also songs from the great album 'What doesn't kill me make me stronger'

Thanks m/

Larry Stahl

Signed on Monday, 2014-11-10 at 14:51  

Great Band......

darrin caldwell

Signed on Saturday, 2014-11-01 at 05:09  

im a life long metalhead and ive heard it all and ive gotta say you guys are brilliant. so if you are ever in the U.S., please visit Ground Zero, located in Spartanburg S.C.


Signed on Saturday, 2014-10-04 at 20:49  

Yes. Poland waiting !!! Blood in blood .... Good music. Respect m/


Signed on Thursday, 2014-09-18 at 20:01  

when you will to spain??

jorge andres nevereding

Signed on Monday, 2014-09-08 at 07:51  

grandee ektomorf !
cuando haran un tour por sudamerica ??

Lisandro Medwid

Signed on Tuesday, 2014-09-02 at 21:29  

Brazil is waiting for you!!

Andy Shagy

Signed on Monday, 2014-08-25 at 22:09  

PLS come to London


Signed on Monday, 2014-08-25 at 19:09  



Signed on Sunday, 2014-08-24 at 15:38  

All the way from Australia the land down under, keep doing what your doing! we all love it!


Signed on Sunday, 2014-08-10 at 16:29  

Come summer in Russia..we love you

Diwas khadka

Signed on Tuesday, 2014-08-05 at 06:00  

ektomorf is a awesome band.I listen all of your songs,it;s great.I love that hardcore flow of music with agressive vocals
p.s. your cover songs are also so good.Your lyrics always inspire me.

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Signed on Friday, 2014-07-25 at 10:14  

Lemme know when you're coming to Serbia, I would be really honored to hear you LIVE

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Signed on Saturday, 2014-07-19 at 21:43  

Your Show at RockHarz was great!!!


Signed on Friday, 2014-07-11 at 13:06  

Rockmaratonon hétfőn, iszonyat jót zúztatok! Csak így tovább!


Signed on Thursday, 2014-07-10 at 08:46  

Poland needs You!


Signed on Tuesday, 2014-07-01 at 13:09  

Come to Sweden!!!!!! Pleaaaase


Signed on Sunday, 2014-06-29 at 23:21 are sick guys!..the best fucking show I have ever seen, please come back to Slovakia again

Varga Dani

Signed on Wednesday, 2014-06-25 at 17:18  

Zotya mikor jösztök Borsodba? :) vagy egyáltalán terveztek erre jönni? Szerencs vagy Miskolc környékére? :)


Signed on Monday, 2014-06-16 at 22:16  

Hello from guys just have to play at SwedenRock Festival next year..I would go apeshit if you did =D Cheers Outcasts

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