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Signed on Wednesday, 2011-07-20 at 10:43  

Zoli, will you marry me? :D


Signed on Tuesday, 2011-07-19 at 16:08  

Hey guys! You ┤re fucking great on Masters of Rock! I hope, that i see you on Czech republic soon. Yours sincerely Alex


Signed on Monday, 2011-07-18 at 22:16  

You guys fukn rok m/ !!


Signed on Wednesday, 2011-07-13 at 10:48  

Hi Ektomorf, esp. Zoli the frontman ! Upgrade thi website ! It's so empty ! Make it mainly for your fans !


Signed on Wednesday, 2011-07-06 at 03:38  

realmente son un grupo muy bueno que el mundo ya necesitava de alguien diferente y nuevo se que son de un lugra muy lejos y yo vivo en mexico pero su musica tu!! musica llega a todo el mundo espero que leean esto y vean que su musica se escucha en todo el mundo music forever!!!


Signed on Monday, 2011-07-04 at 00:56  

please join summer breeze next year#


Signed on Monday, 2011-07-04 at 00:52  

Ektomorf! I want to see you at summer breeze this would be so nice very great band


Signed on Thursday, 2011-06-30 at 18:54 7U_6uWM

this is the best band


Signed on Friday, 2011-06-24 at 22:45  

please come to villach in austria!
we would be pleased


Signed on Friday, 2011-06-17 at 13:32  

Hogy hogy nem a Gerg§ dobol az ˙j klipben?


Signed on Thursday, 2011-06-09 at 12:49  

Damn right what the writer said-chanching means no power at the one man show of zoli-i was a die hard fan but that is now past....and don┤t sing about the poor gypsy┤s...and how discriminate you are....the poor thing about the one man show is...that you are the capitilist....think about it and don┤t chance a thing...but thats not in the past...but what are fans,only the fuckin┤money giver...


Signed on Friday, 2011-06-03 at 20:49  

I do not like how ektomorf changed since they are at AFM records.
The magic or power in the music is missing and i hate this Zoli-cult.
he is not the only one in the band and now hes on every shirt and cover and so on... Ektomorf goes for Capitalist. hate that.
I used to love Ektomorf.


Signed on Saturday, 2011-05-28 at 20:23  

Are you coming to Finland any day ????


Signed on Friday, 2011-05-27 at 23:15  

hey dudes

how to repeat our great gig from Wacken 2010? :)
germany (area koblenz) is lookin' foward to see you live! m/


Signed on Friday, 2011-05-06 at 21:55  

love yout music guys! But you really should improve this website, man


Signed on Wednesday, 2011-05-04 at 22:50  

please come to germany. rock the stages of with full force!!!!!!!!


Signed on Sunday, 2011-05-01 at 22:52  

please come to germany. rock the stages of leipzig!!!!!

Signed on Friday, 2011-04-29 at 20:08  

Greetings from Warsaw, Poland! Ektomorf is really great, I'm impressed!

Landerson moreira dos santos

Signed on Wednesday, 2011-04-20 at 06:42  

Eu sou o maior fŃ do ektomorfs no brasl!!!!!!!!!!!!
eles sao fodoes!!!!!!!

Thomas Aas

Signed on Tuesday, 2011-04-19 at 16:50  

I love you guys please come to Oslo , Norway!!! Would mean much .. your music helps me throu life.... m/

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